How To Start a Gastro Pub Restaurant?

You may have seen the term Gastropub here and there and you might be wondering, what is a Gastropub? The first Gastropub was established in the United Kingdom. This term was first coined at the Eagle pub in London. The whole idea was to have a restaurant inside a pub. The main reason was that the traditional British pubs did not serve food and even they did, it was only cold dishes. By the late 20th century, they started to pop up all over England. They served high quality meals which often included fish and chips.

Later, these traditional foods would be changed to include some better quality ingredients. In addition to nice food, Gastropubs have impressive selections of Irish beers. Since they started in Europe, pubs have been closing down to give way for the rising popularity of Gastropubs. For the last couple of years, this half bar, the half restaurant has become popular to people to an extent of its eaters calling it a genuine American phenomenon.

Have you ever dreamt to become a Gastropub owner? Do you really want to try the new experience? Here is how you can open a Gastro pub of your dreams.

Consider the location

You can attest that many people prefer a pub that is located not far from their residence. When it is just next to your home, you can actually wander down the street as you enjoy a few drinks and snacks then slowly walk back to your place. In fact, they were mainly created to serve the same role as a neighborhood hangouts. A place where you can have a few spirits with your friends.

That’s why it is very important to consider the location before setting up a Gastropub. Although you want somewhere that’s affordable, accessing it is the key. There is no doubt that if you have to drive a long distance or there is no direct route to the pub, for sure you will rarely frequent the place.

Beer to be served

Being the main proprietor of the Gastropub, your establishment exists as a unique crossroad. Actually, the beer you will serve there is equally important as the food. And that is the reason you need to consider the two as you start your Gastropub. In most cases, the food served is fairy chili and sandwiches. Always keep in mind to include several beer food pairings when creating any Gastro pub’s menu.

Buy Restaurant or a Pub

Pubs are indeed a great deal more than restaurants. And this is the main factor that makes them attractive venues. The tenancy route into the pub trade is the easiest option. Most pub companies and brewers offer the most support to the operator. With that in mind, you need to know the difference between buying a pub or a restaurant. You will be responsible for the repairs although it may include letting rooms and accommodation which may seem you are getting a lot for your money.

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